Martin Yan's All Purpose Kitchen Knife and Knife Edge Protector

This precision knife is crafted from the highest quality stain-free, high-carbon steel, is expertly ground for perfect balance, durability and has the world's sharpest edge. Etched with Martin Yan's signature. "Professional chefs and Chinese cooking instructors from across the country have tested and used my knife and they agree that it is a valuable cooking tool for both the professional as well as the home kitchen. The knife has received unanimous praise for quality craftsmanship and practicality. This is my favorite Chinese chef's knife. Once you learn about it and use it, it will be yours too." - Martin Yan The Messermeister 7" Chef's Edge-Guard is an ideal fit for chef's knives or wide bladed knives 7" in length or less. The exact dimensions are 7-5/8" long by 1-7/8" wide. Messermeister invented the hard plastic Edge-Guard and it is available in various widths and lengths. Edge-Guards by Messermeister have been recognized as not only the original edge protectors, but by far, the finest quality and the most functional. If your knives are not stored in a block or you carry them around in knife luggage, edge guards are a must for the knives you want to take care of. Not dishwasher safe.

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