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YAN CAN COOK - One of the Greatest, Ever!

Popular Cooking Show Ranks among Top Five on Slashfood’s All Time List


San Mateo, CA (January 1, 2010): The Yan Can Cook Show, an iconic Asian cooking show that has entertained and educated American TV audiences for decades, has just been named one of the Greatest TV Cooking Shows of all time by the popular culinary website Joining the Yan Can Cook Show are culinary luminaries that include: Emeril Live, Martha Stewart’s Living, The Naked Chef, The Iron Chef, The Galloping Gourmet, and The French Chef, hosted by the venerable Julia Child, the one whom many have credited to have ‘invented’ the TV cooking genre.

“This is a most gratifying moment for me and for everyone connected to the Yan Can Cook Show,” said Martin Yan, host of The Yan Can Cook Show. He further added: “And to stand in the company of these giants, especially that of my dear friend and mentor Julia Child, is such a tremendous honor. This is by far the best way to begin a new year!”

The Yan Can Cook Show made its debut on PBS back in 1981. Since then Chef Yan has hosted over 3,000 episodes all over the world. In the ensuing decades, the widely popular series has successfully blended Yan’s unique sense of humor with his creativity and inexhaustable energy. The series was also among the TV pioneers that brought exotic locales into the living rooms of its audiences. Over the years, The Yan Can Cook Show had featured different regions of China as well as Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.

In addition to hosting The Yan Can Cook Show, Chef Martin Yan is a successful culinary professional and food and hospitality consultant. Yan Can, Inc., is a pioneer in marketing, merchandizing, training and consulting many leading Asian concepts and brands such as Lee Kum Kee and Tsing Tao Beer. Chef Yan is also instrumental in leading many culinary and cultural tours for culinary professionals, as well as cooking enthusiasts to explore the many culinary treasures of China.

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